Invitations by Design

So my daughter declared that she wants a Shopkin themed birthday party. She like many girls in her class seem to be quite obsessed with these little figurines of food, household utencils, clothing accessories, etc. with faces. Usually I make her invitations and in the past it’s been themes like Cinderella, Frozen, Tinkerbell, there was even a Hallowe’en themed birthday party (since her birthday is just before Hallowe’en), so when digging through my Stampin’ Up! stamp sets it’s been pretty easy to find something that would work really well. Unfortunately for me this time around Stampin’ Up! doesn’t make Shopkin stamp sets (although maybe they should consider it considering they seem to be all the rage).

We went through all my paper, etc. and she decided that she wanted to use Flirty Flamigo (one of the 2016-2018 In Colours) and Delightful Dijion (one of the 2015-2017). A combination that I would not have thought of myself at all! Somehow though when we put the two together it worked quite well (demonstrator in the making). So now to my dilemma of finding an image/images to stamp…. Fortunately I have a retired Stampin’ Up! stamp set called “Dress Up”, which has come in handy a few times and managed to do so again when I came up with the idea of printing Shopkin faces that would then be cut out and pasted to the stamped images.

Put it all together and voila!

invitations-by-design    Invitations by Design 2.jpg

(For some reason even though I took the pictures vertically they rotated to horizontal, sorry about that)

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend… as well for those of us who are Jewish, we are in the midst of the Jewish New Year. With the Jewish New Year we reflect on the past year, where we have gone wrong and how we would like this year to be different/better; not just in terms of ourselves, but also for our loved ones, our community and the world. For Thanksgiving we reflect on what we are grateful or most thankful for. Both are a time to gather with family, friends, loved ones and of course eat lots of food!

This year I’m grateful, as many of us are, for my family and friends who love and support me. I’m also especially grateful for my health. Earlier this year I blew out my right knee and had to be on crutches for about two months or more. Doctors were never really able to say what happened exactly and I am still recovering, almost 8 months later. This has really highlighted for me the importance of my health and well-being, as well as how lucky I am compared to others!

In terms of my stamping, there’s a couple of things I would like to do differently this year… One of which is to reach out more to friends and family with my cards. The other is try and reach out to share my love of stamping and paper crafting with more and more people.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

And for those of you who celebrate… Shana Tova! (a Sweet and Happy New Year)

The Best Day to Dive Back In!

There are so many great things about Stampin’ Up! and being a demonstrator. Probably one of the best things about Stampin’ Up!, if not the best, is the community that comes with it. The Stampin’ Up! community is so far reaching… not just my upline, but my upline’s upline and all the way up to Sara. It is a community that is so fun, passionate, connected, supportive and encouraging. There’s no judgement about why you decide to join Stampin’ Up! or what you want to make of it and no matter what happens that might take you away from it they are always there with open arms to welcome you back!

It was tough for me to have to take a step back for the last couple of months, but I had to shift my priorities a bit so that I could take better care of me. And even though I may not have been able to write posts or hosts classes, my mind was never from far from Stampin’ Up! and how much I love to play with the products! I kept waiting for the time when I was able to dive back in. So I was excited when I got together with my group a couple of weekends ago. It was fun, the card swaps were awesome (as usual) and they were so understanding and encouraging of me to do what I can… whatever that may look like.

Thanks Ladies!!!

Happy World Card Making Day Everyone!