Handmade & Hand Stitched

So in the last little while the trend of adding stitching to cards has really taken flight and I have to admit I have been intrigued. It really adds a different kind of personality to the cards and gives it a special touch. I also have to admit I’ve been a little hesitant to dive in because I’ve been a little intimidated by it. I’m not quite sure where and how to start and in my head it seems like it would add so much time to my card making process, whether that’s the case or not I don’t know. I love making my own cards because it allows me to be creative as well as gives such a personal touch to the process of card giving. I also love it because once I get inkspired all I need to do is fold and stamp away.

So for those of us who are looking to add stitching to our cards Stampin’ Up! has different kits that allows you to do just that. But what has me excited is the announcement of a preorder for the month of November of a product that is not set to release until next year’s annual catalogue! It’s a set of thinlits that gives the look of stitching… plus receive 25% off certain stamp sets that would go great with these thinlits. And if that’s not enough of an incentive, when you order the thinlits I will email you a project sheet to get you on your way to making great cards!

Check it all out on my website.


Time to take a breath

So the last week or so has been pretty hectic leading up to my daughter’s birthday this past weekend. But finally after all the planning and printing and crafting, my daughter’s birthday was a big success. She had a great time with her friends goofing around and painting pottery and just about as much with the family later that night. Of course she loved the Shopkin themed birthday we did and as always cleaned up when it came to presents! (Man… I never remember cleaning up like that when I was little!)

With the birthday party done and the scramble to get decorated and ready for Halloween behind me, now it’s time to take a breath before I dive into getting ready for the holidays. I can’t believe it’s November already! Where does the time go?!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!