Straight from the Heart

I’ve always enjoyed giving my friends and family presents and seeing the look on their faces when they would open them. Then a few years ago I started to make my own cards and it took things to another level. I could tap into my creative side with all the fabulous products from Stampin’ Up! and give not just a present but a thought, a feeling as well.

I have this cute little stamp in the shape of a heart and to create the heart the words “stamp art from the heart” are written. This phrase has always resonated with me and especially with today being Valentine’s Day it popped back in my head again. These days we’re so caught up with technology and our busy lives that we hardly take the time to really reach out to those who are important to us. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t need to be perfect… it just needs to come from the heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!