Take Your Pick Tool by Stampin’ Up!

take your pick

This multi-purpose tool definitely comes in handy for just about any project you may be working on. Some people are calling it the Swiss Army knife of crafting and considering all that it does without me having to go digging for another tool I think I might have to agree. In total there are 5 different attachments which allow you to do a variety of different things; pick up small accessories, pierce paper, lift/scrape as well as score and add dimension to your projects. Keep reading for a bit more on each of the attachments.


The putty attachment allows you to pick up sequins, jewels, small paper embellishments and other things that are hard to put in place by hand. Simply twist the end of the attachment for more putty and when you run out just reach for the refill that comes included.


The spatula tool is great for lifting those embellishments with adhesive backs off the paper so you can use your putty attachment to grab them. It also works well for helping lift cardstock and other things that have been put into place and need a little adjustment.


The paper piercing attachment works great to make your own designs or to use with your different patterned templates.


Then the stylus attachment has two different sizes; 1mm and 3mm. This attachment is helpful when scoring, folding cardstock or even adding a bit more dimension to your projects.

To add this great tool to your tool kit (or pencil case as the case may be) head over to my website.


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