Crafty Kids with Paper Pumpkin

My kids love to play and watch TV, but they also LOVE to craft! (they come by it honestly I guess, lol) Whether it’s sticking stickers, creating stories or drawing, it doesn’t really matter. And when they see me stamping they are eager to get right in there and start stamping right along with me!

This is why I love Paper Pumpkin. Everything that you would possibly need is included and ready to go, so I can spend my time working on my projects and just checking in every once in a while to see if they need help, which often they don’t! As you can tell from the pictures above my two munchkins do it all. On the left is my little guy stamping the phrase for his Valentine’s. He is very insistent that he can do it himself. On the right is my daughter putting the final touches on hers before we assemble them.

Here are their final products. My little guy loved the little heart stickers as you can see on the left and my daughter pays close attention to detail so that it looks just like it does in the instructions. All I did was put the pillow boxes together!

If you’ve got crafty kids like me or are just looking for an easy activity for your kids to do then follow the link and sign up for Paper Pumpkin. Everything you need is shipped right to your door (and shipping is included)!

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