Finding Your Inkspiration

For whatever reason over the past few days it’s been hard to just tap into my creativity and find some inkspiration. So I thought I would share a few things that I do sometimes to help spark something.

  • One thing I find helpful is to create projects using a kit. Whether it’s a Paper Pumpkin kit or just a kit from one of the catalogues I find that following the instructions to create an already determined project is nice in and of itself and sometimes may even open the door for other ideas (although not always).

PP turns 6

  • Craft with a purpose in mind. If someone you know has a birthday or anniversary coming up then maybe you can tap into a sense of urgency to get the project done in time. I actually needed to create a thank you card for a customer and afterwards I felt glad that I had been able to accomplish something.
  • Look for inkspiration in the world around you. The picture below was taken on a hike with my family and made me immediately think of the Dandelion Wishes stamp set and I’ve seen others on my team be inspired by people’s houses or even today when I saw the stained-glass windows.


Or sometimes you may just need to take a break, get your energy back and then the inkspiration will flow. Inkspiration can be found everywhere, but sometimes different things get in the way of being able to tap into it. I hope that this is helpful when you’re feeling a bit stuck and struggling to find your creativity!

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