Ink pad Organization

I’ve been stamping and scrapbooking for a number of years now and somehow I never noticed when Stampin’ Up! started putting stickers on the bottom of their inkpads instead of showing the colour on the edge. As a result I’ve been digging through my stacks of inkpads to find the colour(s) I needed for my projects.

Since I finally figured it out I’ve been working on putting the stickers where they belong and thought that I would share my inkpad makeover with you.

It’s super easy… all you need to do is peel the sticker from the bottom of your inkpad, in your language of preference, and stick it to the front edge of the inkpad.

So now for the big reveal! Here’s my ink storage before…

As you can see it wasn’t so easy to find the ink colours I needed. The two inkpads where you can see the colour in this picture are some of my first inkpads when Stampin’ Up! had the inkpad colour built into the design.

And here’s the after…

This is going to make crafting so much easier, plus it looks way better!! I also sorted my inkpads by colour collection; with the In Colours on the top shelf and then the other colour collections below. I’m also planning on using a couple of storage toppers from Stampin’ Up!’s new storage products to put my refills and other things in that are just loose on the top shelf right now.

I’m really loving how this turned out!

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