Valentine’s 2020 with Paper Pumpkin

In just a few more days Valentine’s Day will be here. In our house we don’t do big and elaborate, but we do a little bit of something (thankfully I’m pretty much ready). For the most part it’s helping my munchkins get their Valentines ready for school. This year though will be the first year that my oldest doesn’t make Valentines for her classmates. (Apparently once you hit grade 4/5 it’s just not that big a deal anymore) She did decide to make some for family though and is going to make one for her teacher.

My littlest guy is just in grade one so he still likes making and receiving Valentine’s Day cards, but when he saw what his older sister was doing he, of course, re-purposed the Valentines he had already stamped for his classmates to give to family.

For the past few years we’ve used a combination of the January Paper Pumpkin kit (because it usually has a love/Valentine’s Day theme) and my other stamps, ink and paper. This year will be a bit different… the Valentines for our family were all done using this year’s January Paper Pumpkin kit (I’ll Bee Yours) and for my little munchkin’s classmates it will be Valentine’s from the local Dollarama (once he had stamped his Valentines for our family he decided that he was done with stamping).

The cards on the left are my oldest’s and the ones on the right are my youngest’s creations.

It actually worked out well that my littlest munchkin decided not to use more of the Paper Pumpkin supplies because that meant that I could use them!! (I’ve actually gotten attitude from my munchkins when they found out that I used some of the Paper Pumpkin supplies, it’s like I’m not allowed or something!)

Anyway… here are the projects I created following the Paper Pumpkin kit instructions…

I also made a few alternative projects mainly using the supplies from the kit, but I also used different cardstock, some of the stamps and one of the punches from the Heartfelt bundle which coordinates with the I’ll Bee Yours kit. Here are my 3 favourites…

I had a lot of fun using the January Paper Pumpkin kit as well as the Heartfelt bundle to get ready for Valentine’s Day this year.

If you like these projects then make sure to follow my blog so that you get notified whenever I post. Also if you’re curious about Paper Pumpkin feel free to send me an email at or you can sign up for next month’s kit here.

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